Sunday, February 24, 2008

Swift-boating the Presidency

So, John McCain may have had a romantic liaison with a female lobbyist and done favours for her corporate clients.

Barack Obama may have had improper dealings with Chicago-based 'dodgy fella', Tony Rezko. Now, he might be conniving with terrorists. For more on The Weathermen, I can recommend the documentary, The Weather Underground.

Of course, Hillary already has had Monicagate, Watergate, VinceFostergate, Furnituregate, MarcRichgate, RandombombingofSudangate and many others. GOP oppo researchers boast at the material they still have.

Most of us liberals are quite happy that the Democrats and Republicans look set to choose their best respective nominees. However, there is a very high chance that this could go from the most promising election in my memory, to something very, very ugly.

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